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With upwards of triple digit rate increases,  ACA​ Healthplans have become completely un-affordable

unless you qualify for low income Federal assistance.  If you don't qualify for assistance,

would like a Healthplan and you want to avoid the IRS Fine, please give us a call now.

Insurance Solutions

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McKnight & McKnight


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Labs & Diagnostics

All PCP and Urgent Care labs are included in your monthly membership. Your membership includes over 180 different lab tests to ensure the medical care you need is covered

Bob McKnight 

Managing General Agent

Hospitalization is covered, once the Member Responsibility Amount has been met under all of individual plans. The Per incident limit for coverage ranges from $150,000 and a $1,000,000 lifetime. Both in-patient and out-patient procedures are covered.

Approved ACA Alternative Plans

Preventative Care Mandate

As part of our solution the plans cover medical services recommended by the USPSTF and outlined in the ACA for preventive care. There is zero out of pocket expense and no deductible to meet for any scheduled preventive care service or routine in-network check up, pap smear, flu shot and more. It's easier to stay healthy with regular preventive  care.


​Hospitalization Included

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Doctor Co-Pays Included

Primary care is at the core of our Health Plan, and we consider it a key step in getting and staying healthy. Our model is based on an innovative approach to care that is truly patient-centered, combining excellent service with a modern approach. This includes medical care needs such as primary care, office visits, basic eye and hearing exams, flu shots, infections, etc.